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Club Officers 2022

President: Seth Lown '07    [email protected]   803-603-3697

Immediate Past President: AJ Czernecki '70    [email protected]   864-423-1205

Secretary: Jim Matthews '76    [email protected]    803-240-3551 (c)

Treasurer: Regie Price '66    [email protected]    (803) 261-4333

Sgt. at Arms: Gwen "Louie" Nye '70   [email protected]    803-892-2521 (h)

Chancellor: Taylor Gilliam '11    [email protected]    803-528-0603

Committees 2022

Knob Night: Joey Barnes '78    [email protected]   803-767-1367   

Muster Formation: Mark Gilliam '78    [email protected]    803-429-8126

Membership: Taylor Gilliam '11   [email protected]    803-528-0603

Programs: Mark Gilliam '78   [email protected]    803-791-9753 (h)    803-429-8126 (c)

Volunteers and Scholarship: Seth Lown '07    [email protected]   803-603-3697

Public Relations: Jim Matthews '76    [email protected]    803-240-3551 (c)


Please send any questions about the website or additions to the website to: Jim Matthews   [email protected]