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Membership shall be Honorary, Regular, Associate, and Special. Any alumnus of The Citadel, any person who has attended The Citadel, and any person who has demonstrated a constructive interest in The Citadel may become a member of the Club upon payment of membership dues, if required, as set forth below. 

  1. Honorary Members - Determined by the Officers, Alumni Association Board, or membership of the Lexington Citadel Club and shall be individuals who have demonstrated outstanding service to the college, community, state or nation. They do not have to be alumni of The Citadel and are not required to pay dues.
  2. Regular - Any graduate of The Citadel or any former cadet or veteran student who was honorably discharged from The Citadel after one academic year. $50.00/year.
  3. Associate- Individuals in the following classifications are eligible:
    1. Parent or sibling of a cadet
    2. Parent, sibling or child of a person eligible for Regular membership
    3. Any person who has a member of his/her immediate family on the faculty or staff of The Citadel. $50.00/year.
  4. Special- Individuals in the following capacities are eligible for Special membership. Dues for this classification are waived.
    1. Cadets from the local area
    2. Other cadets who have distinguished themselves by outstanding service to The Citadel

This classification changes when an individual graduates or is otherwise honorably discharged from the college. The status can then be changed to Regular.

Note:  If you or someone you know would like to be added to the Club list to receive e-mails please contact Jim Matthews.  If you or someone you know does not have e-mail and would like to be added to the Club list to receive hard copy please contact Jim Matthews.

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Please send any questions about the website or additions to the website to: Jim Matthews   jmatthews@oleinc.com